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Archangel Metatron

It is my intent as the Keeper of the Keys between humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy to dissolve all disharmony and pain in every layer of humanity and within the folds of Gaia's advancement towards the higher vibrational cycle.

What is happening now is that the light brings forth great splendor and the dark pushes back so that our work is being undermined. I wish to gather a group together that would meld their energies as one to accomplish a faster and permanent breakthrough.

What I have in mind is to gather energy that will be produced and accelerated again by souls who wish to see advancement here and not misery and terror. This energy will be focused as only humanity can do if they understand how to do this and how to direct it in tandem with those who will change events with the Standing Wave. 

Archangel Michael is presently working with a group whose intent is to change events for world peace. I will color this force slightly adding a love force, so that while yes, it is still a part of the Standing Wave, there will also be a healing element to this force.  

All must be healed. So, I have come to you and ask that you join us. We need your good intentions, your light and your love. We need this if we are to find permanent solutions to the world's misery.

The meaning of Archangel Metatron's name as brought forth by Carolyn Evers



Join Me and Together We Can Make A Difference In The World.

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